In fact, the cells have been copied so that they are identical, except for the relative cell value they are supposed to reference. In other words, the lookup table is linked to the copied formulas. They said they had doubts about the Vlookup feature and didn`t know how to use it properly. Yes, the data comes from different sources 1 huge list of itenmumbers from an ERP (with all kinds of information in other columns) 1 huge list of article numbers from another source (with different information in other columns) I then use vlookup in Excel to combine the data into 1 sheet. – This happens either because the data you are looking for does not exist (see table below, where the numbers 1, 3 and 5 are not included in the second table. You will find that the “cash prize for riders at positions 1, 3 and 5 in the first table is “N/A” instead of the actual value), so the formula returns an “N/A” instead of the desired result. i) Make sure that if your table of tables has more than 65,000 rows, place everything between rows 65,0001 and 130,000 in a separate sheet, and then place everything from rows 130,001 to 195,000 in a separate sheet, etc., in increments of 65,000, because this is the maximum number of rows aligned by VLOOKUP. These are the top 7 reasons why VLOOKUP doesn`t work in Excel. Hopefully now the Excel VLOOKUP issue no longer works, but if not, use the automatic solution to fix the VLOOKUP error that doesn`t work in Excel. If you use an approximate matching formula (range_lookup argument set to TRUE or omitted), your virtual search formula can return the error #N/A in two cases: if the argument is col_index_num greater than the number of columns in the specified table, the search formulas return the #REF! Error. I have a search problem when I apply the search function to a cell that does not contain the actual data, but a formula is applied to get the value of two other cells, so that now the search cannot search for the cell where the formula was filled, but when I type the actual value into that cell, the search function works correctly, but if a formula is displayed, the search function for the correct values cannot work.

For example, look for a value 3 and look for it in a table, but if there are two columns that contain 1 in the first column and 2 in the second column and now in the third column, I use the formula to simply add them, so I summarize them and now the value is, which I get, 3 in the third column, but when I apply the search function to it. It displays #N/A as usual, but if I enter the value 3 in the third column directly instead of the formula, the search formula will work perfectly, so any solution will be useful. 2d) Use the formula “=int” as shown in the following screenshot – enter the formula “=int(” with an empty column, then the cell number you need to correct, in this case cell B2, then close the parentheses – the complete formula seems to look like your lookup_value is absolute, so it does not change, when you copy the formula. If there are additional spaces in the lookup column, there`s no easy way to avoid search errors #N/A. Instead of VLOOKUP, you can use a matrix formula with a combination of INDEX/MATCH and TRIM functions: – i) The SIMPLE method is to insert a column after your first reference column (so insert a column between cells B and C, then type the following formula in cell C2: you can solve almost any VLOOKUP problem that does not work, if you follow the techniques in this article. I only need the first 3 digits of the zip code, so I have = LEFT (M2.3) M is the customer`s zip code. My virtual search formula works when I manually add a 3-digit code in cell CF2 = VLOOKUP (CF2,Sheet2! A1:B921,2;false) if the cell contains cf2 =LEFT(M2,3), then I get #N/A The solution for this type of Excel VLOOKUP does not work to check where there are extra spaces and get rid of them. Additional spaces in the main table (lookup column) can cause the error, as can additional spaces in the lookup value.

This section provides an answer to this very important question about why VLookup doesn`t work. So, check out the 7 most common reasons why VLOOKUP is not working in Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019. However, you should be careful because Excel assigns you a default argument, which in most cases prevents Excel VLOOKUP Search from working. So, if the argument col_index_num is less than 1, your Vlookup formula returns the #VALUE! Mistakes too. It`s hard to imagine a situation where someone wants to enter a number less than “1” to specify the column from which to return values. However, this argument can be returned by another Excel function nested in your virtual search formula. Hello – VLOOKUP works well for me, except to return only the first letter, that is, only return “J” instead of John. Any ideas? ii) Copy and paste your original VLOOKUP directly after the above, i.e. (VLOOKUP (A2, I:M, 5, FALSE) Please indicate; what exactly am I missing here and how I can fix this problem I wondered why vlookup was not solved – I mean, it remained only literal, even after trying to solve it – for example “= VLOOKUP(E3, Sheet1!$A$2:$ B$2168,2,FALSE)”. I found out that the cell was locked – unlocking solved the problem.

If the VLOOKUP formula does not find a match, this error is displayed, which is “unavailable”. But it is still incorrect that the search value is not available. There can be several reasons why VLOOKUP returns this error. Make sure that the calculation in the formula bar is based on Automatic and not Manual. My VLOOKUP works if cell CF2 does not contain a formula. =VLOOKUP(CF2, Blatt2! A1:B921.2) my cell CF2 is =LEFT(M2,3). I want to look at a zip code, then take the 3-digit code (=LEFT(M2,3) and then vlookupene this 3-digit value to find shipping area 1-9 in my area.