But this approach must not result from the fact that this is our contractual obligation under the law and we want to keep our jobs. Yesterday we informed Mr Schrems and Facebook of our intention to apply to the Irish High Court for a declaratory judgment and referral to the CJEU to determine the legal status of data transfers under standard contractual clauses. This is a good time to be a broker when you have a promised freight because your customers are attached to a certain contract price. The entire data transfer system would be affected and could affect the global economy, there are alternatives to the model clauses, including the exceptions set out in the GDPR such as consent, contractual necessity and others, but they are interpreted strictly and are difficult to apply in practice. In reality, our federation emerged as a contractual agreement between 13 different and suspicious rebel colonies facing a common enemy. Reducing occupational therapy would not affect jobs or contractual obligations, while allowing us to take a more holistic approach to public safety. Right now. We have the option to terminate this Agreement in the future, our intention is to terminate the Agreement. Our intention is as soon as possible from a contractual point of view and while safeguarding our interests, our intention is to withdraw the Orange brand from Israel. But there is now a clear trend towards contractual emancipation.

See the full definition of contractual in the dictionary of English language learners These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “contractual”. The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. The specific financial and contractual terms of the Yale-NIS agreement were not disclosed. While using third parties to provide services, the EU institutions remain responsible for any data processing carried out on their behalf, they also have a duty to ensure that contractual arrangements comply with the new rules and to identify and mitigate possible risks. It was therefore almost inevitable that Rousseau would throw away his theory in the form of a contract. NEW YORK – One of ms` most visible LGBTQ journalists and prime-time ANCHOR Rachel Maddow has negotiated a new multi-year deal with parent company NBCUniversal, according to Business Insider Magazine Sunday. In addition, Marshall was deeply interested in the stability of contractual obligations. Neither party would provide Digiday with details of what prevents a contractual agreement actually signed. The latter is not contractually obliged to pay the value of such a service, since he has not benefited from it. Lauer was given permission to speak with ABC, CBS and HBO for a contract period.

Nglish: Translation of the contract for Spanish speakers Nike said it had fulfilled its contractual obligations, which until the end of 2019 included the right to reduce athletes` salaries for whatever reason. Georgia should assert its “sovereignty” by rejecting its laws and denying the contractual rights acquired under them. I was not contractually obligated to accept any of the comments. “No one really has access to the contract growth that [Access Midstream] has,” Stice said.